English and Maths Tuition East Kilbride -Preparing for the Transition to Secondary School

Special 10 Week Tuition Programme Week Commencing 15 April 2013

Our Kip McGrath Tuition Centre in East Kilbride is offering a special 10 week tuition programme for Primary 7 students to help prepare for the move to S1.  This course will cover aspects of English, Maths and intelligence development and is designed to help students refresh areas of the curriculum that will stand them in good stead when starting First Year.

Each 80 minute lesson per week will be taught by qualified teachers in a small group although students will follow their own individual learning plan and receive one to one tuition.

The ten week programme starts week commencing 15 April 2013 and various session times are available from 3.30 pm on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  A number of students have already registered and places will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

Why Primary 7 Students Attend our Tuition Programme

Kip McGrath Maths and English TuitionIt is a worrying time for many children making the move from primary school to a new secondary school and there are often many emotional issues to contend with.  Please read our previous article on how parents can help their children prepare for this big transition.  However being prepared academically for the start of First Year and realising that they are on a par with new classmates from other feeder schools can really boost confidence and give children the best start to future learning.

Special Offer

The current cost of an 80 minute lesson at East Kilbride is £27.50 and therefore £275 for the 10 week programme.  However, this course will be reduced to £250 and is available as a Facebook and online offer.  To claim this discounted price, please quote the code EK10 at time of booking.  This discount is only applicable to students attending this 10 week course.

Contact Us

Please contact Margaret Carmichael on 01355 266566 or email margaret.carmichael@ntlworld.com to book a space or to discuss any concerns about your child’s education.  Of course, we still offer tuition to all children in English and/or Maths from Primary 1 to Higher Grade level.


Summer Fun Activities and Learning at Kip McGrath East Kilbride Education Centre

Summer School at Kip McGrath, East Kilbride Tuition Centre

The last thing children want to do during the Summer holidays is learn and for most children 7 weeks playing in the sun (or rain as may be the case in Scotland) is the best thing for them.  However for some children who have been falling behind in school or moving up into an important exam year, a little bit of learning can be a good thing to keep brains active and be prepared for the new term.

We have therefore decided to offer our students the opportunity to continue lessons during the summer and we have two sessions available every Tuesday from 3rd July to 7th August at 9.30 am and 5.30 pm.  Places are also available for new students who perhaps want to come along and try our Maths and English programmes before the new term starts.  Of course, our summer classes will also include a bit of fun too!

Please contact Margaret Carmichael on 01355 266566 or visit our website at www.kipmcgrath.co.uk/East-Kilbride to find out more about tuition at Kip McGrath.