Michael Jackson Teaches Hilarious Maths Trick – How not to Learn Maths

How Does 28 Divided by 7 = 13?

I wanted to write a blog about maths tricks that we can all use and, during my research, came upon this hilarious video of a very young Michael Jackson teaching a bewildered Flip Wilson how 28 divided by 7 equals 13 and not 4.  Watch it!!

How does 25 Divided by 5 = 14?

I also found this video demonstrating how 25 divided by 5 = 14! Very funny and very convincing.

How Maths Should be Taught

These videos are very funny and very convincing but it makes me more aware that learning the basic foundations in maths is so important.

A colleague of mine, Suzanne Lanzon who is a teacher and runs a Kip McGrath Centre in Cambridge has created a video which explains how maths learning is like building a brick wall and if you don’t build the foundations in maths, then gaps can appear in learning maths which can lead to the wall crumbling and you never get there.

However, if you could go back and fill in those gaps and learn from and build upon those gaps and create a solid wall that you can be proud of and build upon, wouldn’t that be fantastic?

Maths Tuition at Kip McGrath Education Centres

Sometimes when children learn maths, they can miss some of the foundations and building blocks of maths so when they move on to the next level, they struggle to understand and keep up.  Our qualified teachers at Kip McGrath can assess your child in Maths and identify areas of weakness.  If there is a lack of understanding in a particular area, our teachers will be able to quickly identify this and ensure a programme of study is followed to enable the child to catch up and therefore understand what is being taught in class.

If you have concerns, please find your local KipMcGrath Education Centre and arrange a FREE educational assessment now.