Tuition in Dunfermline – How to Help Children Learn Times Tables

This is an excellent article written by our Dunfermline Centre. Click on Read more above to view the whole article.

Dunfermline Tuition at Kip McGrath Education

Why is Learning Times Tables Important?

When a child is learning maths concepts at school, it is very important that a child knows their multiplication times tables as this will help them quickly master maths in the future such as division and algebra.  A child who can recite their times table will find it much easier to complete questions in class and cope with higher levels of maths.

It used to be the practice in schools to learn times tables by rote but this seems to have gone out of fashion.  Parents can help their children at home by encouraging them to practice memorising multiplication tables and try to make this a fun activity with rewards.  This will pay dividends in the future as your child is more likely to be confident and able to grasp new ideas.

As a teacher and dad of three young children, I understand how…

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Dunfermline Tutors in Maths and English

The Kip McGrath Dunfermline Centre is now open at a new location and we would like to wish them the very best of luck in their brand new premises!

Dunfermline Tuition at Kip McGrath Education

Why Parents are Opting for Extra Tuition for Children?

Many children sail through school without any problems and go on to achieve great exam results.  However this is not the case for some children and extra tuition may be required at some point.  The tuition industry in Scotland and the UK is booming and “extra tuition” should no longer hold any so called embarrassment for children and parents.  In fact many children who are tutored are high achievers who want to excel academically.

Does Your Child Need a Tutor?

As parents, trust your instinct.  There are many signs that your child may be struggling or falling behind in class:

  • Do they “hate” school and make excuses not to go?
  • Is homework a struggle for both you and your child?
  • Have they become moody or withdrawn?
  • Are they reluctant to read a book, comic or anything other than the school has…

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Tuition in Ayr – Kip McGrath Tuition Centre Celebrates Relaunch with Grand Opening

Kip McGrath Ayr Education Centre Grand Opening 31st August 2012

We are delighted to announce that Elizabeth McKay is the new owner of the Kip McGrath Tuition Centre in Ayr.  To celebrate the re-launch of this fantastic centre at 21 Wellington Square, an Official Opening Event will be held on Friday 31st August 2012 from 7.00pm until 9.00 pm with wine nibbles and a bit of fun.  All are welcome to come along and enjoy the festivities.

Our special guest of honour is Lorna Dempsey who has just been voted Scotland’s Role Model of the Year 2012 by No.1 Magazine.  Lorna is the founder of the biggest and most talked about events in Ayrshire, Butterfly Events.  Lorna has been organising her events voluntary in aid of Cancer Research UK since 2007, raising £194,000 and more importantly cancer awareness through thousands of people.

She also works full time and volunteers for her local Scout and Girls Group in her village of Dalmellington.  We are proud to support Lorna.  You can find out more about Lorna’s fundraising at and take part in future fun events to raise even more money for Cancer Research UK.

Open Day on 8th September

For those who cannot attend the grand opening, we are also holding an Open Day on Saturday 8th September from 2.00pm until 4.00pm.  This gives parents an ideal opportunity to visit our teachers, view the centre and our fabulous resources and speak to our teachers.

About Kip McGrath Education Centre Ayr

The Kip McGrath Centre in Ayr is run by Liz McKay who is a fully qualified Maths Teacher and has been teaching in local schools since 1981.  Sometimes children need a little extra tuition in English or Maths to achieve their full academic potential.  I love to teach but was finding in the classroom that I was unable to spend enough time with every student in the way I knew would make a difference.  This opportunity at Kip McGrath is fantastic for me because I can devote one to one time with every student and really make a difference very quickly to my students’ education.

I am a Maths Teacher to Higher Grade but I also employ fully qualified teachers to tutor our students in English and Computing up to secondary level.  All teachers are highly experienced in the local school curriculum and Kip McGrath have provided us with fantastic teaching resources to assist teaching including our exclusive new online programme called Insight which the students love.

Contact Us

If you would like to find out more, please call Liz McKay on 01292 260101 or visit our website to find out more.  The Centre is based at 21 Wellington Square, Ayr, KA7 1EZ.

Tuition in Edinburgh – Fantastic Scottish Exam Results at Kip McGrath Edinburgh Central Tuition Centre

Scottish Exam Results 2012

It has been a record breaking year for Scottish exam results according to this article by the BBC.  At our 28 Kip McGrath centres in Scotland, we are also receiving texts and calls from excited students who have received the passes that they have been working so hard for in the past year.  Congratulations everyone!  There are so many fantastic success stories, we can’t possibly share them all so this week we have asked Indleeb Walayat (Indy) of Kip McGrath Edinburgh Central to be a guest blogger and share her and her students’ stories below:

Spotlight on Edinburgh Central Kip McGrath Tuition Centre

Kip McGrath Education Centres has been established in Edinburgh  for many years and we have many centres providing first class tuition in English and Maths throughout Edinburgh.

I am Indy Walayat and I became Centre Director of the Kip McGrath Edinburgh Central Tuition Centre  in January 2009 and since then the centre has grown from strength to strength.  I am a fully qualified teacher and have been teaching since 1991 and have taught from age 3 to adults. Within my employment history, I  have worked as a primary teacher, nursery teacher, Acting Principal Teacher,  teach maths to advanced Higher level and also embarked upon the chartered teacher programme.

I also employ highly qualified and exerienced teachers to tutor our English students.  Most teachers are currently teaching in local schools so have up to date knowledge of the school curriculum.

Summer School 2012

At our very successful summer school we have run sessions throughout the summer. Students from age 4 to adult have attended. Most students have attended to get a head start for the new school term and beat the summer brain drain.

Gallery of Some of our Students

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Our Successes in 2011/2012

Our students have worked incredibly hard this term and we have had record breaking numbers of children attending our centre for extra tuition in English and Maths from primary 1 to advanced Higher level.  These are a few of our proudest moments:

  • Children gaining entry to private school of choice including some gaining 100% scholarship.
  • Students with additional needs such as  autism, dyslexia and dyscalculia making fantastic progress.
  • Students coming to the centre with limited reading now being able to read, spell and write sentences.
  • One student in S2 arriving 2 1/2 years ago with the mathematical ability of a child in P2 now able to enter Intermediate 2 maths exam later this year .
  • ‘H’ who joined Kip McGrath in August last year who has advanced from being at the bottom of the class in P4 with the mathematical ability of a P1 student to now being the average.  Her school reported that ‘H’ had made more progress than any child in the school.
  • Our pre-schoolers enjoying the multisensory approach, working through early reading and writing skills and making a head start to school.
  • Children who initially were unwilling are now writing pages.
  • Children who are new to English well prepared and supported with key skills such as speaking, listening, reading comprehension and vocabulary development.

Record Scottish Exam Results 2012

This has been a fantastic year for our exam students with many students attaining 1’s and A’s in their exams this session including ‘B’. who started attending Kip McGrath to support with Int 2 maths for which she achieved an A and now also achieving A in Higher maths.  Below are a selection of text messages I have received from successful students:
  • Beth got B pass and is delighted as it has been her big worry this year. It was her lowest mark but she thought she had failed and could only Appeal with C from prelim. Now for Advanced Highers and bigger worries. She says ‘Hello and Many Thanks’.
  • Hi thank you, delighted I got a 1 thanks for your help. Megan.
  • Ellie got an a A in Maths.  Thank you for all your effort and hard work.
  • Thanks Indy. Anna was very pleased & relieved to get a B for her English Higher (plus 4 As! In other subjects!). Thanks for your help. Christine.
  • Rebecca did very well and got an A for English. Thanks for your help, Alison.
  • Hi Indy just to say thanks to you and Jim. Victoria got 7 x 1 passes and 1 x 2  pass in her exams.  The 2 pass was for Modern Studies and with your help and Jims she got a 1 for English so so pleased. Thanks, Avril.

Maths and English Tuition at Kip McGrath Edinburgh Central

If you would like to arrange a free educational assessment or find out more about our English and maths tuition at Kip McGrath Edinburgh Central, please call Indy on 0131 610 6110 or click here to visit main website. The Centre is located at 1 Huntly Street, Inverleith, Edinburgh EH3 5HB and covers the areas of Morningside, Comely Bank, Stockbridge, Blackhall, Trinity, Abbeyhill, Willowbrae, Craigleith, Sciennes, Morningside, Marchmont, Bruntsfield, Leith, Comely Bank, Meadowbank & Inverleith.

Alternative Kip McGrath Centres in Edinburgh and the East

We also have highly successful Kip McGrath centres throughout Edinburgh and East and West Lothian.  Please click on the link below to find your local centre:

Edinburgh West – Opening Autumn 2012

Michael Jackson Teaches Hilarious Maths Trick – How not to Learn Maths

How Does 28 Divided by 7 = 13?

I wanted to write a blog about maths tricks that we can all use and, during my research, came upon this hilarious video of a very young Michael Jackson teaching a bewildered Flip Wilson how 28 divided by 7 equals 13 and not 4.  Watch it!!

How does 25 Divided by 5 = 14?

I also found this video demonstrating how 25 divided by 5 = 14! Very funny and very convincing.

How Maths Should be Taught

These videos are very funny and very convincing but it makes me more aware that learning the basic foundations in maths is so important.

A colleague of mine, Suzanne Lanzon who is a teacher and runs a Kip McGrath Centre in Cambridge has created a video which explains how maths learning is like building a brick wall and if you don’t build the foundations in maths, then gaps can appear in learning maths which can lead to the wall crumbling and you never get there.

However, if you could go back and fill in those gaps and learn from and build upon those gaps and create a solid wall that you can be proud of and build upon, wouldn’t that be fantastic?

Maths Tuition at Kip McGrath Education Centres

Sometimes when children learn maths, they can miss some of the foundations and building blocks of maths so when they move on to the next level, they struggle to understand and keep up.  Our qualified teachers at Kip McGrath can assess your child in Maths and identify areas of weakness.  If there is a lack of understanding in a particular area, our teachers will be able to quickly identify this and ensure a programme of study is followed to enable the child to catch up and therefore understand what is being taught in class.

If you have concerns, please find your local KipMcGrath Education Centre and arrange a FREE educational assessment now.

Building the Maths Brick Wall – How gaps can form when learning maths

This is an excellent video and article written by my colleague Suzanne Lanzon of Kip McGrath Cambridge South that explains how gaps in your child’s knowledge of maths can hold them back as they progress through school.  Every Kip McGrath teacher understands that these gaps need to be filled so that they have solid foundations in maths and allow them to reach their academic goals.  This is a very well explained article and we would like to thank Suzanne for allowing us to share with you.

I’m sure that most parents understand that the foundations in learning are vitally important to how well their children do at school. In most subjects, learners can begin at almost any level, then learn something else at a different level and there is no real impact on overall understanding. Science for example: I could learn about electricity, forget exactly how it works 3 months later but have no difficulty in then learning about waterproof materials. I did not need to understand the first concept to understand the second. In contrast maths is a subject that builds upon itself, this is what we mean by saying learning maths is like building a brick wall. When building a brick wall, we place brick upon brick and we are certain not to leave any bricks out. In maths, we need to place concept upon concept and we must also make sure we do not leave any concepts out.

We enter Year 1. We are bright eyed and bushy tailed and we love school. Everything at school is ‘playing’. Our teacher is great and we learn so quickly that we constantly surprise our parents with how much we know…but…let me ask you these questions:

  • Did you ever miss a day or more of school?
  • Did you daydream occasionally?
  • Were you ever distracted by your classmates? Were there one or two who seemed to demand more time and attention from the teacher?
  • Are you certain your teacher covered every concept and until you personally understood it fully?

Generally we can assume that we have not understood every single concept that should have been covered in our first year of learning. We would have missed one or two bricks out of the 100 that we needed to lay down that year. This is not the point where we really think twice about there being anything missing. Laying down 99 bricks has been a great effort. Our results show that we are achieving and we are keen for Year 2!

So along comes Year 2. We still enjoy learning although we’re beginning to see the difference between playing activities and learning activities. Playing is just a little bit more fun than learning. We have the next lot of 100 maths ‘bricks’ to place on top of what we learnt last year and mostly, we do that well. There is a slight glitch when we have to place learning ‘bricks’ on top of the one we missed last year. The concept is ever so slightly more difficult we just don’t seem to really ‘get it’. Our teacher has 24 other children in the class. She does well to make sure everyone is on task and everyone is learning but she doesn’t have enough time to cover what we were supposed to understand last year as well as teach this new concept. We’ve understood most of this year’s maths but we now have a wider gap forming on that weaker point of ours. Once again, we get a report card that shows that we are on track. There might be a mention that we need to develop in some areas.

You can see what is happening here. We enter Year 3 and of course, the work gets harder and it gets faster. There are always plenty of other children in our class and only one teacher. Once again, we have a wonderful teacher but she cannot teach me the concepts I missed in Year 1 and 2, Samuel the concepts he missed in Year 1 and 2, Kara, the concepts she missed – as well as make sure we are all learning this year’s work. Through no fault of our own we have a gap in our maths brick wall. By about now, it is starting to show. Every time we attempt to build more difficult concepts on top of the weaker part of our wall, they fall down. It’s frustrating and we begin to think that maybe we’re just not very good at maths. In Years 4 and 5 our gap widens and we lose that wonderful confidence and love of learning we once had. Most of the time we’re doing okay but whenever we try to build on that widening gap we are reminded of how we are failing, how we just can’t seem to keep up.

This is the point when most parents notice that something isn’t quite right. It can be quite painful to realise that our ‘little learner’ has lost some of that shine they used to have; that they are having some difficulties in learning maths. Parents will usually try to help by assisting with homework, buying maths books or asking for more work from the teacher. I am always heartened when I meet great parents such as these! The problem is however, that parents can have no way of knowing exactly where those missing bricks are…or how far back they were missed. This is where we can help. At Kip McGrath Education Cambridge South our tutors specialise in finding exactly where those pesky, missing bricks are and in helping children to understand them once and for all. The learner can then build on that area until they are at the level they need to take on the new work in the classroom. Once students have a solid brick wall up to the level of their class, they are confident enough to put the new information on top and continue the process of building their maths brick wall once again.