About Kip McGrath

Welcome to Kip McGrath Scotland’s blog site where we are blogging about lots of subjects including education, useful tips for parents and quite a few fun blogs too.  If you are looking for information about tuition in English and maths at one of our 30 Tuition Centres in Scotland, please visit our main Kip McGrath Scotland website by clicking the link below.

Visit www.kipmcgrathscotland.co.uk

Specialising in maths and English tuition, Kip McGrath caters for children aged 6 – 18 in schools who just ‘don’t understand’; children who are frustrated, have given up trying and feel ‘lost in the crowd’. At Kip McGrath we give them hope.

We also help children who may be working towards an exam, are bright and need to be challenged further, moved schools, have had an emotional upset, been ill and missed a lot of school or have a learning difficulty.

Our programmes are designed to give children the motivation to succeed. Progress is at the child’s own pace so they are never overwhelmed. We emphasise the positive aspects of every child. Failure is eliminated. Children really try when they attend because achievement is not only rewarding, it is fun.

From the moment children walk into our centres here are clear messages given to them; this is a place where I can learn and this is a place where it is fun to learn.Kip McGrath



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