Best Christmas TV Adverts/Commercials- Favourite Christmas Television Ads – Which is the Best Christmas TV advert ever?

Christmas is Coming!!!

It is the 12th November 2012 and as usual I am normally very critical that Christmas seems to be getting earlier every year.  I even saw my first Christmas tree in a house the other day – too soon!!  I have had a very busy year and Christmas seems so far away and I have to say  that I am not ready for Christmas yet.

However, last night I was watching TV and saw my first Christmas TV commercial of this year and I had the warm, fuzzy reaction that I am sure these companies have paid a lot of money to instill in consumers just like meal.  As a grandmother in Scotland, my favourite day of the year is having my children and grandchildren over on Christmas Day and delighting in the opening of presents and joy of my family being together and happy.

This is not always the case for many families and I urge that we donate to childrens charitites in the UK to ensure that every child receives a present from Santa Claus. Below are a few fantastic causes: (Great Ormond Street Hospital) (Yorkhilll Childrens’ Foundation) (Childrens Hospice Association)

What is the Best TV Christmas Commercial Ever?

For me, whenever I hear the Coca Cola advert “holidays are coming” TV advert I start to get into christmas mode and realise it is time to start shopping.  These ads have changed over the years but always have the same theme and music and I just love them

Christmas TV Ads are big business and prey on our sentimentality at Christmas.  There have been some extremely successful tv adverts in recent years.  Who can forget the 2011 John Lewis advertisement with the little boy counting down the days until Christmas only to ignore his presents to give to his mum and dad? Did this get us in the Christmas spirit or encourage us to shop at John Lewis?

There has been much talk on social media sites this week about the big supermarkets’ TV advertisements.  Is the John Lewis 2012 advert as good as last year?  Is the Asda TV advert sexist?  Is the Morrison’s TV advert too similar to Asda’s? Why is the TV advertisement so popular this year?  Why are big brand shops launching Christmas tv commercials this year and spending so much money on pr?

Is the most successful TV advert as important as the Christmas Number 1 this year? On media coverage you would think so but does  successful Christmas TV ad campaign result in more business?  I am not sure.  Last year the John Lewis ad campaign enchanted me but I didn’t shop there- I shopped at Debenhams who are not featured in my list.

I would ask two questions therefore:

1.  What is the best ChristmasTV advert of all time and put you in the mood for Christmas?

2.  Did this advert encourage you to spend in their store and why?

The Best Christmas TV Adverts/Commercials of AllTime in UK

So I want to ask the question – which Christmas television advert pulls on your heart strings, which advert best describes Christmas? Which advert do you watch and feel “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!”  Does the TV campaign encourage you to shop at their store?  If you live in Scotland but your religion does not celebrate Christmas, how do you deal with this subject if your children attend mainstream schools?

Best Christmas TV Adverts of all Time in the UK

These are in no particular order!!!!

1. John Lewis 2011 Advert

2. John Lewis 2012 TV ‘Snowman Advert”

2. Barrs Irn Bru TV advert

3. Coca Cola Christmas Video – Holidays are coming.

4. Asda Christmas 2012 TV Advert

5. Morrisons 2012 Christmas Advert

6. M & S 2012 Christmas TV Advert

“It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!”


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