Olympic Champions of the Future – How London Olympics 2012 is Inspiring Children

London Olympics 2012 – Day Five

I am thoroughly enjoying watching the Olympics and today delighted in the two Gold medals won by the Great Britain team in womens’ rowing by Heather Stanning and Helen Glover and also of course Bradley Wiggin’s success in the mens’ cycling time trial.  Well done team GB!

Children and the Olympics

There has been so much excitement and chat amongst my students about the Olympic Games and it is great to see children being involved and so inspired.  These Olympic Games have always championed the “athletes of the future” and this was demonstrated at the opening ceremony when seven bright stars of the future were chosen to light the Olympic Torch at the London 2012 Opening Ceremony.  After all the hype on social media networking sites, how inspirational was it to choose unknown youngsters for this important role rather than a well known star?  I thought this was fantastic! I already posted my thoughts on the opening ceremony here.

What makes a Future Olympic Champion?

I have been on granny duty this week to George and Katie (both primary age students) and wondered how on earth I was going to keep them entertained.  We have had a few visits to the park and cinema but I have also had to work.  I needn’t have worried, my grandson George is obsessed with the Olympics and is following all sports avidly waving his Great Britain flag.  He is trying to decide before he returns to school what sport he will specialise in and become a future Olympic Champion!

Katie, who is a little younger, is decidedly not interested in the Olympics at all and is growing up very quickly.  Feeling very guilty today at the amount of work I had to do, I asked them “would you like Granny to take you to the park?”  George replied “no Granny, I want to see the cycling” and Katie replied “no granny, I want to find out what happens in my book!”

My heart is full!  I have a future Olympian and a future J K Rowling in the making!  Whether they achieve that or not I will make sure that they have all the encouragement and praise they deserve on their future achievements.


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