Summer School Tuition in Ayr 2013 – Get Ready For School

Kip McGrath Ayr Summer School 2013

Once again a number of parents have requested that tuition is continued during the summer break.  We understand that you want to keep your child’s English and maths skills fresh, so we are delighted to run a summer school at our Tutoring Centre in Ayr.  Classes will last for 80 minutes and will focus on reinforcing key skills as well as fun learning activities.  These activities will be tailored to your child’s needs.

We will also be offering a “kick-start” programme into  CfE, National, Intermediate and Higher English and Maths over the summer.

Getting Ready for School

Most children just love the summer holidays but sometimes seven weeks is just too long for children to neglect their studies, especially if a child is moving up to an important year at school or has been falling behind in class.  The parents of our existing students have requested that we open during the summer but classes are open to new students also on a first come first served basis.  As qualified teachers in maths and English, we are able to advise parents at what level their child is working and highlight areas of weakness or any gaps in learning that may prevent children from moving on.  We can also reassure parents if children are working well and on course for their age.

Ayr Summer School 2013

Lesson Times

Our Summer School will run for 6 weeks on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9th July until 14th August 2013.  You can choose to enrol your child for one or two sessions for just one week or for the while six weeks – it is your choice.  The session times available are:

Session One:     10.00am – 11.20pm

Session Two:     11.40 am – 1.00pm

Session Three:   2.00pm – 3.20 pm

Contact Us

If you would like to reserve a place, find out more or talk to our teachers, please call 01292 260101.  Please also visit our website at or join us on Facebook at

We also run classes in normal term time after school and these will recommence on Monday 19th August 2012.  Please see our website for more information.


We welcome your feedback

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