Is bad parenting to blame for the London riots?

Is bad parenting to blame for the London riots?.

“I am sure like me you have been watching with horror the scenes that have been coming from London in the past few days.  livelihoods destroyed, homes reduced to burnt out shells and traumatised people who have lost everything fill our television screens and social media feeds.  I was horrified to hear that one of my own Kip McGrath colleagues was right in the danger zone and has had to clear out her tutoring centre just in case of more rioting tonight!”

This is an excellent blog article written by my colleague in Lisburn, Northern Ireland on her reaction to the recent wave of riots in the UK.  Is bad parenting a contributing factor to what has happened?  We would welcome your feedback.


One comment on “Is bad parenting to blame for the London riots?

  1. I agree that it is shocking regarding the riots in England. Parents do have a responsibility to teach their children morals and how to be part of society and all that it involves. However, as parents we can only teach what we have been taught. We learn from our parents and extended family if we do not have positive role models then quite frankly we are stuffed. As a society we tolerate far too much. When I was little if I did not observe the rules of society such as waiting your turn in shops, holding the door open for others or simply being polite I could guarantee that an older person would very firmly tell me my behaviour was unacceptable and tell me exactly how I was expected to behave. If anyone does that now the person would receive a mouthfull of abuse from the child and quite possibly the same from their accompanying adult.

    It is not any better at times in schools. If a child’s behaviour is particularly bad they are removed from class, possibly put on the computer or given a game or book to read (primary). I am not saying this happens in all primary schools but I have observed it in many classrooms I have visited recently. In my daughter’s secondary school if they misbehave they get a blue slip and sent out of class. The school are now looking at texting parents so they are aware and can deal with it when the child gets home. Great if the parent does but sometimes it is the teachers fault or the schools but never little Johnny’s fault!

    Someone once asked me if we were giving children in school too much of a voice and choices regarding the work they do. I do believe children should be heard but there is a happy medium. Research states that children need rules, boundaries, morals and positive role models in order to develop into well-rounded individuals who can function in society and contribute positively (The Motivated School, Allan McLean). I’m afraid it is time for society to get tough and be disapproving of people who display socially unacceptable behaviour. Rather than our government stand and talk the talk they now need to walk the walk.

    Someone needs to take charge from the top to the bottom. You open the newspaper and read that Glasgow Council sold off prime buildings (some were schools that were closed) and stated in the news that the money would be going into education and the NHS. Infact the money went into a pension pot for civil servants and the top guy paid himself off with an obsene sum of money! The Scottish Government are considering investigating! Our politicians swindling huge amounts of money during the expenses scandal only a few were charged despite it being a crime. What message does this send to our youth. We can rob but you cant!

    As parents, teachers and members of society we should set a good example to our children. The same goes to our government and their representatives as they are effectively our corporate parent. Margaret Thatcher was not the best Prime Minister but no one messed with her. She was made of steel and dealt with situations swiftly. I blame our compensation culture and the wishy washy way our country handles situations. We are far too politically correct and scared of a slapping from Brussels. Time for our current Prime Ministers to take charge before things get much worse.

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