SQA Exam Results 2011 – The best results ever!

Best ever SQA Exam Results for 2011 – Congratulations to everyone at Kip McGrath Livingston and Balerno, the trusted Edinburgh Tutors

I am Pip Watt and I am the Centre Director of the Kip McGrath Education Centres in Balerno, Edinburgh South and Livingston.

I am very overcome with emotion having spoken to parents and exam students today.  Every single exam student got the result they were looking for.  It has been our best results’ year ever.  Congratulations to every single student.  I and my tutors are as proud of you all as your parents must be.

I wanted to share some of the comments I have received today.

A happy father said “OMG.  Graham got a credit 2 and Craig got an A! Thanks,thanks,thanks!  I can’t begin to tell you what you have done for my sons who both hated English.  Craig was told he was going to fail Higher English by the school and thanks to you he got an A!  Graham got a Credit 2 and now English is his favourite subject.  I have no qualms about recommending your services to the school.”

Sam was part of the SQA exam results’ blunder and received a text message the day before saying he had passed all five Highers with an A pass!  Convinced it was a spam email or hoax he didn’t tell me until today. “Thank you Pip.  I must have pulled a blinder on the day. Without your help with Higher English it would have been 4 A passes and a fail!

“S” failed her prelim in Intermediate English and came to Kip McGrath.  She got a B and is coming back this term to do Higher English.

Barbara’s daughter has been coming to Kip McGrath for extra tuition in Higher English and Maths.  She got an “A” for both.  “I would like to thank you Pip and all your outstanding team of tutors for the excellent service you provide.  It was worth every single penny!”

John’s son Liam was advised by his school that he wouldn’t pass Higher English but he was determined and came to our Livingston.  He passed with a C.  He also got an A in Intermediate 2 maths.  “Thank you for all your help.  He couldn’t have passed without your support and guidance.  The whole family are absolutely delighted!”

“Thank you so much!  Cara got a ‘B’.  I will definitely be sending my son next term!”

Vicki got an A in Intermediate 1 Maths.  Vicki’s mum said “Thank you for all your help and encouragement.  Vicki will be back next term!”

I have a bottle of champagne on ice!  There are a lot of happy people in Balerno and Livingston tonight!

Next term will be starting on 17th August and we look forward to the return of our students!  For those students who are going on to College and University, we wish you every success and expect to hear regular updates on your progress!

There are still places available for next term although word is spreading fast!  We also offer tuition in English and maths to primary students from age 5.  If you have any concerns regarding your child’s education, please contact Pip Watt on either 0131 449 9101 or 01506 418191. Alternatively, you can arrange a free educational assessment by clicking on the links for Livingston or Balerno, Edinburgh South

If you would like to join us on Facebook, please like our Livingston and Balerno Pages.

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