Americanisms – 50 of your most noted Examples

I came across this article from the BBC about the 50 most hated “Americanisms” and I have to say this is something that irritates me somewhat.I have a very close friend who uses the phrase “24/7” every time we meet.  I have no idea why but that particular phrase really annoys me.  I also watch America’s Next Top Model (only because my daughter loves it and it is something we watch together).  That’s my story anyway!  I hate the way they use the word critique as a verb instead of criticise.  I understand from reading online elsewhere that this is becoming acceptable but to me it just sounds wrong.

Due to the amount of American TV we all watch I suppose this is inevitable. I know that the English language is continuing to evolve as it has over  hundreds of years with the influence of other languages so I suppose I am just being a bit of a snob here.

Anyway, please read the list and let me know if there are any Americanisms that annoy you.

Blog written by Kirsty McHugh, Scotland Administrator at Kip McGrath Education Centres Scotland


2 comments on “Americanisms – 50 of your most noted Examples

  1. oooohhh – I hate the the use of “Period” for a full stop in speech. NOT NEEDED! And i don’t know if this is an Americanism or just T.V talk in general, but I want to reach for the sick bucket evertime I hear somone say that they “have been on an amazing JOURNEY,” when really, they have just taken part in a reality T.V show!!

  2. The phrase “my bad” drives me potty. I keep waiting for our pupils to finish their sentence~ “my bad…..back is killing me”. I also think “heads up” should be banned in any meeting~it’s a sporting phrase and should stay on the sports sections!
    I do like “have a nice day” more pleasant than most salutations received in the UK… I know I’m a grumpy old man to be addressed as “mate” by a shop assistant (even the male members if staff in M&S have started doing this) is insulting and factually incorrect! (can you tell Sally has gone away for day and night for a well earned jolly and kids are home for first day of summer and I can’t catch them with foot in plaster?)

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