Jack Draws Anything – Jack Henderson (aged 6). A Great Cause.

Jack Draws Anything

If you haven’t heard of Jack Henderson (aged 6) by now, where have you been?  This little boy is an inspiration to us all.  He has very quickly become an internet sensation and has appeared on numerous television shows including Russell Howard’s Good News.

Jack’s little brother Noah has been sick and has to go to the Sick Kids Hospital in Edinburgh a lot.  The Sick Kids Friend Foundation have really helped Jack and all his family and Jack wanted to raise money for them by drawing pictures.  In 4 weeks he has raised over £15,000.

Jack still has 400 pictures to draw.  He’s going to be very busy.  I found Jack’s website on the first day thanks to a FaceBook friend and I was lucky enough to receive Jack’s drawing of my grandson George (aged 6) in a Hearts Football strip.  George loved it and has taken it into school to display in his classroom.

Please follow the link below to support Jack and please donate to this worthy cause.

My Grandson George (6) in a Hearts Football strip drawn by Jack Henderson (6), now an internet sensation as 'Jack Draws Anything'

Link to JackDrawsAnything

Click on Jack’s picture to take you to his website where you can see all of his great drawings and also donate of course.


One comment on “Jack Draws Anything – Jack Henderson (aged 6). A Great Cause.

  1. I just love this. Jack has now raised over £20,000 and has produced his own book which is available on itunes. It does help that Jack’s dad is an internet whizz so was able to set all of this up but wee Jack is still having to draw the pictures. It just goes to prove the power of the internet – a good idea and it can go viral quickly. In this case it is a very worthy cause and Ifollow Jack on Twitter and Facebook.

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