Curriculum For Excellence in Scotland – What do you think?

We currently have 28 Kip McGrath Education Centres in Scotland.  Every Centre Director is a qualified Teacher and we only employ tutors in Maths and English who are fully qualified, members of the General Teaching Council Scotland and hold enhanced disclosures.

Although we follow the proven Kip McGrath method of teaching, we also closely follow the Scottish Curriculum. Many of of our tutors still teach in schools as their daytime job and some are retired teachers and Head Teachers.  We feel it is important to keep up to date with the Scottish Curriculum and to this end we are all about to undertake refresher training on “Curriculum for Excellence” in Scotland which was introduced in 2010.

This is a link for parents and teachers alike to the main “Curriculum For Excellence Website” which should answer any questions you may have.

We also stumbled across this Forum on TES Scotland which highlights teachers’ views on CFE.  Please note you may need to be a teacher and sign up with TES to view.

We would be interested to hear from parents and teachers alike in Scotland on how Curriculum For Excellence is working  for you and what difference this is making to your teaching methods and the results you attain.  Perhaps you could complete our poll?


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