SQA announcent – Higher grade D now a Pass!!

Amazing Change in SQA policy for Higher Grade Passes
In today’s edition of Scottish Daily Mail (6th April 2011) it was reported by  Graham Grant, Home Affairs Editor on the front page that the SQA have implemented an extraordinary change of policy regarding the pass rate for Scottish Highers.
A Grade C or above has been the official pass rate for years.  Under the new guidelines, students who ‘fail’ the Higher with a D will be classed as having passed and receive the same credit as those achieving a C or above.  Amazingly, this has to be backdated to 2004 and all students who attained a D will receive a replacement exam certificate.
Dr Gill Stewart, Director of qualifications at the SQA is quoted as saying “changing how a D is seen will give a fuller and more accurate picture of attainment”.  The SQA admitted that “the changes reflected the fact that, regardless of grade, each candidate completed the same number of learning hours but that employers, colleges and universities would still use grades to gauge candidates’ mastery of a subject”.
As qualified teachers, this is something that I am sure we at Kip McGrath will be debating about over the coming weeks.  I would be interested to know what others thought about this.
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