Reading – as easy as ABC?

Reading- as easy as ABC?

Not all children learn to read at the same age. For some children, as many as 40%, reading is a challenge. It does not come naturally. There are many reasons why some children find it more difficult.

The good news is that most reading problems can be solved as long as they are tackled early.  If you suspect there is a problem it is important to seek help.  Unfortunately some parents who have worries about their son or daughter wait as long as a year before taking action.  This is definitely a time when “the sooner the better” applies, especially if it is your first child as it is hard to know how he or she is performing.

You have been told they are “working well at their level” but you are not sure how he or she is doing compared to others of the same age.

You may have noticed that your child gets full marks for spelling tests but when he or she does free writing they seem to forget how to spell.  Again this indicates that there is a problem.  Try this sentence with your child.  “Where does your favourite teacher live?”  This will help you see if there is a problem.

Currently the councils, like the rest of us, are looking closely at their budgets and some schools have lost valuable extra help from Learning Support staff.

If you have some concerns about your child’s reading or spelling, or simply want to ensure they are being stretched, Kip McGrath offers a free educational consultation.  If a little extra help is required we have specialist reading, phonics and spelling programmes that have proved successful over the last 30 years.

We are happy to work with your child’s school.  For more information about Kip McGrath and your nearest centre, centre, visit, or call Margaret Carmichael on 0141 571 2517.


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Follow Kip McGrath Scotland on Facebook


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